Frequently Asked Questions

Pricing and payments

Students pay a flat monthly tuition fee. Monthly fees are based on 48 lessons per year divided by 12 months.

4 weeks that are not included in the payment plan:

  1. 1 week of Thanksgiving break
  2. 2 weeks of Winter break
  3. 1 week of Spring break

Yes! We can either prorate the fee or apply it to workshops or camps.

All tuition payments will be automatically charged on your credit card in file on the 1st of each month.

The costs for music/art materials and the instrument are not included in the tuition. Some books are available at the front desk.

A one-time $20 registration fee is due upon registration for all new students.

Scheduling and Makeups

Your student's development and progress is our top priority. It is important that the student consistently attends and is attentive during their scheduled lessons. Frequent cancellations through a reliance on makeups undermine a student’s commitment to learning. A teacher has reserved a specific time for each student and should not be required to offer their days off for makeup. However, if the lesson needs to be cancelled, please notify your teacher at least twenty-four (24) hours in advance in order to qualify for a makeup.

If for whatever reason the student has to miss the class with less than 24 hour notice where a makeup cannot be granted, here are some ways to ensure your investment remains intact:

  1. Switch to online lesson
  2. Teacher will assign new homework and/or send video exercises for the student to practice at home
  3. A family member may fill the student’s time slot.

Teacher Absence for music lesson

Should a teacher miss a lesson, the lesson will be made up at a time that is mutually convenient for the student and teacher. Alternatively, we may arrange for a substitute teacher.

Student Absence for Art class

All missed classes can be made up at any of our available classes.

There is no refund for a no-show or forgotten lesson. A 24 hour notice is required. Please refer to the make up policy above.